Image by Jay Wennington



1. Why does dog training cost so much?

⦁ Replace chewed cords, shoes, cable wires, sheetrock, baseboards, and paint - $500-$1200.

⦁ Redo flooring and/or change carpet from urine stains - $450 - $1,000.

⦁ Unnecessary vet bills that could have been avoided with preventive training techniques -  $1,200 - $5,000.

⦁ Unecessary money spent on dog food, toys and frivolous training items - $300 - $500.

⦁ The cost of animal control fines due to nuisance barking and escaping - $200 - $400.          

The price of hiring one of Brooklyn's best professional dog trainers – PRICELESS!


2.  How long does it take for the dog to retain the commands it learned?

Once Quinton gives you the training commands and techniques, your dog will be able to learn and retain the command the duration of his life.


3.  How long does training take?

Quinton offers a full puppy course to teach your new pup training commands and techniques in about four weeks.  You can always go on to Level 2 for advanced training techniques to train your dog outside.  The combined total is about two months.

4. How do I know my dog training is working?

Quinton's dog training techniques are unique from any other dog trainers. You will see the results in less than one hour.


5. What is the age requirement for me to have my dog trained?

You should start dog training the day you bring your dog home.  Quinton believes you can always teach an old dog new tricks, so training can begin at any age.


6.  What environment is best to train my dog?

If your dog is learning commands for the first time, it is always best to train with minimal distractions. Quinton's Level 2 Advanced Training is geared to train your dog outside with distractions.


7. How do I crate train my dog with his new crate?

Quinton has quick and easy training techniques to crate train your dog. Crate training (potty training) will be the second week of dog training.


8. What if I only have one major problem with my dog?

You can hire Quinton for one or two private sessions for a given problem area.


9. How do I qualify my dog to pass the CGC (Canine Good Citizen) test?

The CGC test is a very challenging test to pass and requires at least 6 weeks of dog training and the use of treats is prohibited during the test. Quinton can help you pass this test but your dog needs to be evaluated first. Click the Canine Good Citizen link for further details from the American Kennel Club.


10. How do I get my dog to be a therapy dog?

In order for your dog to qualify to be a service dog other than being well trained, a letter from a doctor stating your disability and why you need a service dog is needed. Quinton will help you with training and other required documents during training sessions with him.